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My passion grows through collective happenings, artistic collaborations and creating new ways for bringing wonderful minds and ideas, together.

​Since 2012, I live in Phoenix, Arizona where I launched Mexikaan Lighting Design, a small business in collaboration with a women artisan collective from Tenango de Doria, Hidalgo.       I am currently Assistant Director at Scottsdale Public Art, a division of the Scottsdale Arts, where I manage cultural and artistic signature events, manage all temporary installations at the Scottsdale Waterfront and general programming and budgeting for the public art program.

Citlalli Andrea Teutli Walsh

Born and raised in Mexico City, I am passionate for cultural, artistic and community engagement happenings. I constantly seek new ways of engaging communities with the arts through public art installations. 

My focus is being a collaborative international situationist.

I believe in creating situations, fragments of a moment captured by an experience created for the accidental spectator. I believe in decontextualizing elements from our ordinary life, a scenery which has been passed by so many times it goes completely unseen, and transforming it into something completely different by one single element, through lighting, sculpture or interactive works of art; which will change for a fraction of a moment the perception of that "same old place".

I pursue these experiences by unique temporary art installations. I am passionate for photography, music, astronomy, lighting design, public art and collective experiences.

Since 2003 I have collaborated in several large scale events and installations, from lighting the Tajin pyramids in the state of Veracruz, working on Mexico's celebration of the centennial of the Revolution; to touring with Cirque du Soleil on their "Quidam" tour through Mexico. My thesis project "Latino 844B", a site-specific lighting installation at the Torre Latinoamericana in downtown Mexico City, achieved international recognition by the Lighting Academy in Firenze, Italy.


Bicultural professional specialized in developing cultural, artistic and educational programming in the public realm. I pursue generating experiences for cultural place-making and public engagement through free community events. My focus is  on gathering artists, entrepreneurs and people who are making a difference in their communities through art and social practice, and providing platforms for promoting learning and public approach.


Scottsdale Public Art - Scottsdale Arts, Scottsdale, AZ
Assistant Director (2013 -present)

Management of signature cultural and artistic events, exhibitions and temporary public art installations. Content research and development for new initiatives for the public art program. Target local, national and international artists for crating new opportunities for featuring their work as well as promoting partnerships and collaborations with local, national and international arts organizations. Creation and implementation of internal procedures for achieving higher efficiency through existing resources.

VIVE LATINO - Mexico City
Project Manager (2012)

Creation and coordination of launching new initiative for large scale cultural festival in Mexico City. Liaison with artists, business owners and venue authorities,    budget management, staff and artist recruitment.

MOYO FILMS - Mexico City
Project Manager (2008 – 2012)
Project Manager for marketing and advertising agency. Corporate partnerships, artist recruitment, and production coordinator for documentaries, corporate videos and advertising campaigns.

EFECTO VERDE A.C. - Mexico City
Event Manager (2011)
Event Manager for ecological intervention at Mexico ́s City historical Monument to the Revolution. On-site logistics and coordination of public art project. Budget tracking, communication with government authorities, staff training and talent recruitment for scheduling a 3-day festival including large scale temporary installations, workshops, conferences and music performances. 

YO MÉXICO - Les Petits Français - Mexico City
Cast Coordinator (2010)
Staff management for large scale event commemorating the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution. Artist liaison and staff training for lighting, music, mixed media cultural show in Mexico’s City historical Zocalo. 

FUERZA BRUTA - OCESA – CIE - Mexico City    
Customer Service and Merchandise Manager (2008)
Development of branding and sales strategy. Display supervision, budget tracking and staff recruitment and supervision.

CUMBRE TAJIN - Les Petits Français - Veracruz, Mexico
Artistic Director Assistant - (2006-2008)
Timeline manager for cultural festival at Tajin Pyramids in Veracruz, Mexico. Assistance for engaging visitors in artistic and cultural event. Liaison with city officials and event management team. Staff training and on-site volunteer management.        

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL - QUIDAM TOUR - OCESA-CIE - Mexico, Monterrey, Veracruz   
Merchandise Manager (2007-2008)
Front of House supervisor, inventory management and sales tracking for Quidam tour through Mexico. Staff recruitment, training, and customer service.

Account Manager (2006-2007)
Scheduling and programming for audio studio. Client liaison in achieving established goals in a established timeline. Customer service, and bookkeeping for audio studio.        

FICCO - International Contemporary Film Festival - Mexico City            
Programming Assistant (2005-2006)
Programming workshops, master classes and educational sessions.

RÍO Y MONTAÑA - Mexico City
Marketing Manager (2004-2005)
Development of editorial content for outdoor adventure magazine “Inhala”. Mailing and distribution to members and cultivation of strategic alliances.

GEOMAR NÁUTICA - Barcelona, Spain
Public Relations (2003)
Sales strategy development, public relations and customer service for sailing company.


LATINO 844B - Mexico City   
Thesis project - Site-specific lighting installation (2007)
Lighting intervention at Mexico City landmark Torre Latinoamericana and Metropolitan Casino Gallery.

KINOKI - Student Film Festival - Universidad Iberoamericana - Mexico City
Special guests and jury selection coordinator (2006-2007) 
Special guests and jury panel selection for college short film festival.

DINAMIKS - Mexico City    
Events Manager (2005–2006)     
Managing signature music events in downtown Mexico City venues.    

TIBET WEEK - Universidad Iberoamericana - Mexico City           
Director (2004)
Creation and direction of content programming of a week to approach religious, cultural, political and artistic aspects of Tibet, honoring the visit of XIV Dalai Lama to Mexico City.

CADAVER EXQUISITO - Universidad Iberoamericana - Mexico City
Director (2004)
Creation and direction of content for approaching religious, cultural, political and artistic aspects of death. Program manager, talent recruiter and scheduling.

2016 - International Festival & Events Association Convention, Tucson, AZ.
2014 - Fundraising and Sponsorship Webinar - Scottsdale Arts. Scottsdale, AZ.
2007 - Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.         
2001 - High School studies specialized in Humanities, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico City.